How to Connect to MongoDB Using Robo 3T (formally Robomongo)

MongoDB is the most predominant NoSQL database and Robo 3T is a very popular open-source GUI MongoDB management tool. This is a quick guide on how to connect to MongoDB deployments of M-Clusters using Robo 3T. You can download Robo 3T GUI client from

1) Find out connection information of your database in control panel.

For Standard plans, the connection information is quite straightforward. For MongoDB cluster, locate the primary node's connection information as below:

2) Create a connection in Robo 3T

a) Input connection information in Connection tab

b) Input User and Password information in Authentication tab.

c) Configure SSL settings(optional). If you want to secure the traffic to database, you can configure the SSL settings as the below.

d) Test and save the connection. By click Test button, the authentication information can be verified. If you see the information shown as the screenshot, the connection is successful. Congratulations!

If saving the connection with a given name, you can connect to the database by clicking the named connection next time.

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