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What is MongoDB

MongoDB is a cross-platform and open-source document-oriented database. It is the best-known and most popular NoSQL database, relying on a JSON-like format called BSON ("Binary JSON") to store and access information. MongoDB is designed for elastic scalability, high availability and performance, perfectly suitable for the company growth and expansion.

    MongoDB Features & Advantages

  • MongoDB Ad Hoc Queries
  • MongoDB Indexing
  • Aggregation Framework
  • MongoDB Uses BSON Format
  • MongoDB is Schema – Less
  • Capped Collections
  • Replication
  • File Storage
  • MongoDB Management Service (MMS)
  • MongoDB Sharding

When to Use MongoDB

MongoDB hosting can fully meet your needs if your application’s data store has the following requirements:

Heavy Input Load

If your application needs to input large amount of non-critical data, managed MongoDB is a good candidate.

High Availability

If your application depends on databases with high availability, managed MongoDB is a wise choice.

Elastic Scalability

If your database potentially needs a scaleup in size over 10 GB, managed MongoDB is a perfect selection.

Data Locality

If your application needs to handle location-based data, managed MongoDB is a qualified assistant.

Dynamic Data & Query

If your data are heterogeneous and your queries are not determined in advance, MongoDB is an excellent helper.

When Not to Use MongoDB

If your system is highly transactional, MongoDB is not appropriate.

If your data has rigid schemas, do not use MongoDB.

MongoDB Videos & Screenshots

Easy and fully managed MongoDB hosting with elastic scalability and superior performance.

Install and Run MongoDB 3.6.x on windows 7

Install and Run MongoDB 3.6.x on windows 7

Connect to Host

Connect to Host

Anonymous metrics

Anonymous metrics

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    Great database and support. I really like it.
  • Vera.j*****m
    Highly recommend to anyone who wants to try this database. Very powerful database!
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